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What Real Estate Means To Me and A Little About Me | Professional Realtor | Real Estate | Tara Cook

With so many different and diverse realtors out there, being a realtor can mean so many different things to different people. To me, it provides me a means to support my children, educate others and with such a strong passion for the business it rarely feels like work.


Hi! My name is Tara Cook. A wise person once said, “You will never work a day in your life when you find something you love to do”. That is exactly what occurred when I discovered my love for real estate. I am a single mother of two vivacious children in Palm Harbor, Florida where I have been a resident and active member of the community since 2010. Upon returning from the Middle East in 2010, I relocated from Maine to sunny Florida and dove headfirst into Real Estate and property management. Knowledge is power and I have obtained my most valuable skill sets from my vast life experiences and from those who came before me in the industry. I believe that to be a quality Real Estate Professional (and human being) one must maintain their integrity in all they do. I live by this. Experience, dedication, focus, attention to detail and drive are contributing factors to my success. Good, bad, and indifferent you can rely on me to always deliver honest information while providing solutions to problems that may arise along the way. I am passionate about my business, my customers, and all things real estate. Having me as your agent will make your Real Estate endeavors fun and satisfying!!

If you have real estate questions, contact me today 727.269.2445. Together we can determine the best course of action and create a customized plan that works for you.

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